Brothers and Sisters:

As you may know, the workers at Stella D’Oro, on 237th St. and Broadway, have been on strike for more than 4 months, defending their right to work with the protection of a fair union contract.

We must step up our solidarity with them so that their strike does not fail. For a start, some community activists have called a meeting to build solidarity with the workers on strike.

The meeting will take place on Friday, December 26, at 3:00 PM, at the Church of the Mediator, at 260 W. 231st St. West of Broadway.

We got the place thanks to the generous attitude of solidarity of the Reverend Diego Delgado Miller, who has shown his commitment by joining us on the picket line as a citizen and reverend.

Stella D’Oro striking workers will be present.

I hope to see you on December 26. I wish you good health and have a Happy Holiday together with your family and friends.

Radhames Perez

Workers have been on strike since August 13

Company attempts to destroy their union

The 135 workers of Stella D’Oro, the biscuit producers, most of whom are women and Latinos, are confronting a difficult Christmas on the streets. The company has refused to negotiate and is demanding that the workers return to work without a contract in an attempt to destroy their union.

The workers have gone on strike because the company wants to:

·        Slash wages by as much as 25%

·        Make health insurance unaffordable by imposing crushing premiums

·        Eliminate holidays, vacations and sick pay

·        Eliminate extra pay for working Saturdays

The strikers are represented by the Bakery, Confectionery, TobaccoWorkers and Grain Millers International Union Local 50.

They are on the picket line everyday!

Place: In front of the Stella D’Oro plant on 237th Street and Broadway.

Take the #1 train to 238th Street and Broadway.