Yankee Parking & The Community – The Soap Opera Continues.

The baseball season has not even started yet, but the score is again against the community. Juan Gonzalez wrote another interesting article on the parking garages near Yankee stadium and one that is going bankrupt and has yet to pay the city and forget the bondholders. WHY? Because of something that the community had been saying all along and the Yankees did not want to listen, “we don’t need that many parking garages.”

Unfortunately since the community was basically fighting alone on the issue of the new Yankee stadium, the taking of parkland and building additional parking garages they lost out to the Goliath Yankees. The fact that all of the Bronx elected officials except for one, Councilwomen Helen Foster had sold their souls for trinkets and campaign contributions did not help the politically and morally correct community.

Now just two years after the grand opening we are learning that the community was correct, we don’t need that much parking. Read the following article and see how the community continues to lose out, however, those days are slowly changing as we begin to replace our elected officials and continue to organize at the local grass-root level.