Bye, Bye, Cathie Black. Winds of Change are Blowing Here As Well.

I guess there is still some value to the old slogan: The People United Will Never Be Defeated! This morning everyone I knew was surprised to hear that Cathie Black has resigned as the Chancellor of the NYC Public Schools.

Mayor Bloomberg announced the ouster of Ms. Black and the appointment of Dennis M. Walcott in a press conference this morning. Mr. Walcott, a deputy mayor, unlike Ms. Black had attended public schools here and has also taught Kindergarten. Mr. Bloomberg said that all the controversy over Ms. Black’s appointment had taken too much attention from the real issue of education.

The following article has an interested view of what was happening inside that helped move to oust Ms. Black who had surrounded herself in controversy sine her appointment ninety-five days ago.

However, the article mentions nothing about the many community protests that were taking place everywhere that Ms. Black attended. In Brooklyn the Freedom Party organized a very noisy reception for Ms. Black and she received similar receptions in other community meetings.

On Monday she was scheduled to come to the South Bronx. The South Bronx Community Congress and the Freedom Party organized a protest welcome party outside, but Ms. Black never showed, she sent a representative instead. Perhaps she was beginning to sense that she needed to spend some time packing.

The bottom line is that the people have spoken loudly and their voices have been heard. The press and the mayor will play down the community protest, but we all know that “The People United Will Never Be Defeated.”

This should go as a warning to all those that believe that the community is apathetic. The community is awake is waking more everyday thanks to the many progressive community organizations that are sprouting up throughout our communities. Perhaps the winds of change from northern Africa are arriving at our shores.