Manny Ramirez, Retired But Not Forgotten

Normally I use this blog to post and write about issues that are of an educational, or political nature. However, I thought that the following article on just retired baseball start, Manny Ramirez was both interesting and educational.

First of all Manny is a local hero from the streets of Washington Heights. He attended George Washington High School and if not for his baseball talent, only God knows where this “barely passing high school student” would have ended up.

There is also a bit of politics there about why did a local super star in the making wind up going to play for Cleveland rather than the local home team, the NY Yankees.

Manny is the Dream Come True for thousands of young Latinos who play baseball with the dream of one day making it to the big leagues.

Read, enjoy and pass on….. (if link does not work, just cut and paste the following link)