What’s Up With Funding For Latino Organizations?

Here I would like to share a report prepared by the Institute For Latino Policy titled: NYC Council Discretionary Funding of Latino Organizations, Fiscal Year 2013 (link is at the bottom). The interesting thing about the report is that it highlights exactly how little funding is going out to Latino organizations in this city. While the Latino population in the city is approximately 29%the total discretionary funding totaled 3.1%.For those of you that have been following me on this blog you know that I have been preaching something I call: “Population Parity With Economic Parity.” A simple formula that basically say’s that if we are X% of the population, then we should receive a similar X% of whatever the government is providing for the population.

For example in this case with the NYC Discretionary Funding how can anyone justify 3.1% of the funding going to a community that is 29% of the population. This same formula should be applied to jobs in all levels of the City and State. I would love to see how many Latinos are employed by the various city and state agencies and compare that number to our population? Dollars to doughnuts that we will all be shocked by what we might learn.

The sad reality is that I have also been sharing the latest statistics on the SHIFT that has taken place in the country where our Latino community is the salvation for the problem of an aging Anglo population and work force. As I reported from the MIT forum I attended Latinos are the future of this country. The forum stated it best: If America wants to succeed, the Latino community has to succeed. The numbers that the Institute for Latino Policy share in their report are indicative of political leaders that just don’t get it!

Read the ILP’s report: SOURCE