Puerto Rico Has Major Problems That Can Be Fixed By A New Generation

Many of you, like me probably raised in the USA, but have our hearts on the island of Puerto Rico can’t help but stay in tune to what is occurring on the island. Unfortunately, the news from the island is always on the negative side. Unemployment, crime, corruption, Boricuas leaving, the list goes on.

However, perhaps like me, the constant negative news has not drowned out our desire to still think that Puerto Rico is mine and that is where I love going every chance I get and boy do I enjoy the island. The phase “enchanted island” really is true. We have a beautiful island with so much to give that it’s a shame not to enjoy it. I do every chance I get and I have taught my children how to do the same. Now I’m working on my grandchildren.

Perhaps like me some of you have even gone as far as owning a piece of land that we can call our own. Then the issue then becomes one of, when if ever will we go back and for how long?

For me personally I have already kind of answered that question. I am building my “escape from New York” spot on the island. I decided on the furthest spot away from San Juan and the metropolitan area, Cabo Rojo. Interesting how many “Nuyorican” from the Bronx I have met there. I have come to the conclusion that I could be a snowbird. I want to be like many Jews that I remember living in New York that would leave in the winter and return in the spring with a better than my natural one.

I have decided that Puerto Rico will be my winter escape, perhaps at first for a few weeks (I have never been in Puerto Rico more than two weeks at a time) and begin to wean myself into longer periods until the sun starts getting hotter in New York.  I really don’t want to be anywhere else in the summer. As El Grand Combo sings in their popular classic song, “Un Verano En Nueva York.” I have also come to the conclusion that I really can’t be out of New York too long; this concrete jungle is in my blood.

I have also though about many ideas that I would like to bring to better the island, but don’t have a clue where to begin outside of the two political parties that basically control everything.

Anyway for people like me who live in the states, but think a lot of the island and the problems occurring down there I would like to share the linked article. Por Fin, a beginning to a possible long-term solution. Read it and let me know what you think?