South Bronx And Third World Election Tactics

Though this is 2012 and we are living in a first world developed country, conditions in many parts of our community are just like those of a Third World. In this case I am not referring to the economic, or health indicators that state that the South Bronx continues to be one of the poorest districts of the USA, but to the so-called democracy that every American citizen is guaranteed our electoral process.

The below article in the NY Times will shed some light on some of the ugliest election tactics that are played out by elected officials in the South Bronx. What’s worse than the elected officials who stoop to these undemocratic tactics is the party officials that defend them. Congratulations to Maxi Rivera for standing up and fighting for his democratic rights and taking his issue to the courts. His message is clear, the South Bronx is changing and will not allow the old corrupt ways to continue unabated. Now if only the Bronx Democratic organization would wake up and demonstrate that it is indeed different from all the past democratic borough organizations who have stood by and allowed these backward third world thinking “so-called” leaders to continue and abuse their sacred power of representing a community that is starving for progressive leadership.

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