Fighting To Protect Our Post Offices

When we listen to the daily news reports one would hardly know that there is a subtle movement to close many of our Post Offices, yes these public service institutions are being closed, and many of the historic buildings being sold to private developers.  Some might go as far and say that this seems to be part of a bigger plan to eventually close all, or privatize the United States Postal Service.

In my community I have been fighting hard to keep our General Post Office located at

I addressed the Rally as a community resident and activist that uses the Post Office. (Photo: NYCLP)

149th St & the Grand Concourse open for several years now. The beautiful block long structure is a land mark and so are its paintings inside decorating the Lobby. This magnificent Public Works structure is very much of our community, however, it has been downsized by moving the mail processing aspect to another post office in Manhattan. Over 200 jobs were moved out of this already improvished community. Now our mail takes longer to get. A simple letter mailed in the Bronx to go to an address in the Bronx now goes from the General Post Office building to Manhattan Morgan Station on 34th Street and then it returns to the Bronx. This means more trucks driving through our already asthma stricken streets, but who cares?

Congressman Serrano speaking at Rally to Save our Post Offices. (Photo: NYCLP)

Attached is the latest article on our struggle to keep our Post Office open: SOURCE