Congressman Serrano’s First Possible Democratic Challenge

For as long as I can remember there has always been talk about challenging representative José Serrano. I have heard this from the left, liberal, central and right wing side of politics. It seemed that every sector has had a reason why they would want to challenge Congressman Serrano has stated such, well at least behind closed doors and never public.

The fact is that no one has and it has made our Congressman have one distinguished record and that is that he is the longest serving Latino in the United States Congress (and quite possibly the United States, however, I would have to research that a bit more since this is one huge country). Whatever you feel about Congressman Serrano, the fact is that this is a milestone and needs be recognized.

Councilwoman, Anabel Palma has taken the first step to make her thoughts about Serrano public by filing the required paperwork that would allow her to begin the process of challenging Serrano.  She say’s she wants to “explore her options.” This probably means she is looking to see if all those that have made their opinions about Serrano known behind closed doors are willing to step forward and support her. I know what that’s about since I experienced something similar in my campaign for city council against daughter Arroyo. Some well meaning folks would tell me how much they respected and supported my campaign. Some went as far as saying they did not like her at all, but would not go public for whatever reason?

So my take on this is that as the weather gets warmer and the ice in our streets begins to melt we might be in a better position to know what is really going on. As always, I will share my thoughts as this possible novela unravels.

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