My Thoughts On Ferguson? Expressed Quite Well By A Friends Post On FB

All Hell is breaking loose in Ferguson, MO

All Hell is breaking loose in Ferguson, MO

I normally would be writing something on what is presently happening in Ferguson, Missiouri at the heals of the Grand Jury’s decision. However, I am still numb from that decision (not that I was expecting anything different, but I’m an optimist) and I am presently overwhelmed with several of the actions taking place here in our own city and state.

One is the lack of progressive Latino appointments to conduct proper police trainings by the NYPD and the other issue of Open Discovery that I am strongly committed to changing that Criminal Procedure Law that allows District Attorney’s in this state to withhold evidence at arraignment.

Therefore, I was so proud to read this morning the following from a long time friend that I have seen develop from a bright, single and young carefree individual to a responsible, married father of three. His post this morning on Facebook expressed much of what I am feeling therefore, I take the pleasure in sharing it with you.

Post From: Inti J Rodriguez

When the Rodney King riots broke out in 1992, I was a young and naive kid, watching it all unfold on the screen like a spectator at a wrestling match. 22 years later, I have changed a lot. I am now a father of three with a few white hairs and I like to think I’m not so naive anymore. Sadly, I feel that naive me of 22 years ago was much more aware of the reasons behind this turmoil than the person I am today is comfortable with.

I sit and watch the tear gas fly and the protestors run in Ferguson, Missouri understandably upset at the acquittal of yet another white police officer who shot and killed yet another unarmed black man and all present me can muster are questions beginning with why?

1992 me knows why; we all truly know why.

Why is it open season on blackmen and women? Because black men and women are constantly branded as a threat.

Why do these cops always get away with it? Because institutionalized racism is as deeply woven into the American fabric as our supposed love of freedom.

Why riot? Because despair+anger+greed+no other outlet trumps poise and non violence.

Why is it that the news channels never really embedded themselves in the streets to speak and hear the voices of the protestors on the streets in Ferguson since this broke out in August? Institutionalized racism again and chaos brings ratings.

Why does it seem to be getting worse? Because we’re slowly giving up our power. We’re too busy perfecting our personalities on social media (check the number of Ferguson related posts on your wall. I bet there are not as many as one would imagine; not as many as selfies, baby and pet pics, party fliers, etc. etc.)

Because we have no leaders.
Because we let ourselves be tricked into thinking this issue was something for the history books.
Because we took our eyes off the prize.
Because we care more about money and fame.
Because we are not done yet.