Interesting Article On My Borough – The Bronx

thI have been living here in the Bronx, particularly, the South Bronx since we came here from Puerto Rico in 1956. There was a short period that we were forced to move to Brooklyn when we were thrown out of our apartment on Cauldwell Avenue when my mother got into a fight with the landlords daughter and whipped her silly (I’ll explain that one day in a future book: “Growing up in the Shadows of Yankee Stadium.”). Bottom line is that besides that short stint in Brooklyn, I have been in the “Condado De La Salsa” practically all my life.

Still here, raised my children here, and now my grandchildren come and spend quality time in the South Bronx when they visit me and they too get to experience the unique life style that we have and when they bring there friends and “survive” the time here with me and I jokingly tell them that they can now brag that they came to the South Bronx.

In fact, I’m about to make a T-shirt for my guesthouse that would read: I slept in the South Bronx & Survived: Mi Casa Tu Casa Guesthouse because of the number of guest that come and stay with us, loved their stay, but many originally had concerns and would ask before booking, “Is It Safe.”

So attached is an fun article I just read: “5 Lies you tell yourself when moving to the Bronx.’  Those of us that live here  know it as our home sweet, Condado De La Salsa/Boogiedown Bronx home.