CSiYgMeW4AAvWNBIt seems that people with a lot of money who want to develop areas of the city like the hot real estate in the South Bronx are in total denial of our reality.

It reminds me of the conquistadores and who came to the new world and looked at the natives as anything but human beings and as a result had no problem wiping out our ancestors with some of the worst genocide in human history.

It’s amazing how that mentality is still alive and well. It was so obvious in the recent star studded party thrown by developers in the South Bronx who wanted to show their newest “catch” of real estate by the Third Avenue Bridge that they want to re-brand: “The Piano District” and turn into their own private cornucopia, yeah right!

If the community is not respected then these developers should know that Just like our ancestors fought back after a seeing the conquerors true mission, so will our community.

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