Yes – I’m Running

Julio EnglishEver since Councilwoman Maria Del Carmen Arroyo announced two weeks ago that she was resigning there has been no shortage of candidates that immediately tossed their names into the ring for replacing 10 year incumbent.

When I heard about it, I too was surprised as I believed that she would stay the long haul of her term until 2017. I mean we gave her a run for her money in 2013 and fighting us so hard as she did you would think that she would stay until the very last day of her term.  She should have been termed out then, but as she voted for the extension for then Mayor Bloomberg she too got an extra term.

Since that 2013 campaign we never stopped campaigning. I have been doing the same activist work that I have been doing for years. Therefore, though my name was not one of the first ones listed as a candidate it was because I was in no rush to file the paperwork to become a candidate. However, though I was not a yet “declared candidate” I was being sought after by many news mediums for an interview.

The following is one that best explains why I’m in this.