Julio Pabón Announces Candidacy For City Council Special Election

Julio Pabón, South Bronx Activist & Small Business Owner Will Officially Announce His Candidacy for City Council-17th District.

For Immediate Release                                             For Additional Information Contact: 646-580-4846

On Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015 Julio Pabón, will formally announce his candidacy for City Council in the upcoming special election for District 17 in the South Bronx. The press conference will take place at the Bronx Supreme Court located at 851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY. Mr. Pabón, a long time resident of the South Bronx will be joined by family, friends and supporters who have come together to build on a growing movement for progressive change in the South Bronx. Mr Pabón is home grown, well known and well liked in the South Bronx district and as a symbol of this and with pride his campaign slogan will be “Our Own Julio Pabón”

Mr Pabón states: “I have been living in the South Bronx for over 50 years.  The fact that many of the negative conditions that affected me and my family as a child growing up are still prevalent today has compelled me to run for this office. I am dedicating this campaign to two unsung Bronx heroes. Ms. Claudette Colvin who on March 2, 1955, was the first person arrested for resisting bus segregation in Montgomery, Alabama, preceding the more publicized Rosa Parks incident by nine months. And Dr. Evelina Antonetty a pillar of educational reform when few dared speak up for the issue of failing schools in the South Bronx. Two women who went up against more powerful forces and stood up for what they believed. That is the fuel for this campaign that is going against forces in this county who do not want to allow differences of opinion, or candidates that do not tow the county line. Those days of back room politics must end and allow us to create a culture of health for our community, especially for our youth, who are the future.”

Mr. Pabón’s campaign chose this location because they felt it reflected the spirit of the campaign. As the prime symbol of Justice in the Bronx, the campaign hopes to push forward a message of justice for all. The campaign has a policy platform to address the many injustices the people of the 17th District suffer from. The campaign wants economic justice, criminal justice reform, environmental justice and health justice.

Mr. Pabón states: “We need economic justice as our community suffers from high unemployment and sits in the poorest congressional district in the country. We need real affordable housing as gentrification is threatening residents of this district as well as our local businesses. Small businesses are critical to the economic development of this community and we must include small business sustainability in our development plans.”

Mr Pabón believes Integrity and restoring good faith with the community are essential. And at a time where many powerful New York elected officials face long prison sentences, Mr. Pabón’ campaign hopes to usher in a new political culture that is rooted in integrity, transparency and respect for the democratic process.

Mr. Pabón states: “Historically the voices of the community have been shut out many times its own political leaders, If I am elected, the community will be empowered through mechanisms like Participatory Budgeting and involve community members and stakeholders in any development plans in our district.”

Mr. Pabón believes in nurturing our local small business and recognizes the crisis of affordable rents that now threatens so many of them, he will fight for these businesses to have more access to capital and hopes to fight for his community and the soul of this city.

Mr Pabón wants to promote a culture of health in one of the poorest council districts in the city. Mr. Pabon has a robust progressive agenda for change that he believes can improve conditions in the South Bronx, which can be found at www.juliopabon.com.

Mr Pabón has a special surprise for the press to highlight his campaign message.  “Our Own Julio Pabón” invites all to join his announcement for City Council-District 17.

WHAT: Press Conference Announcing Campaign

WHEN: Weds. 23rd 11am

WHERE: Bx County Courthouse 161st & Grand Concourse