Somos El Futuro Or Somos Ningunos?

I did not have to attend the Somos El Futuro conference in Albany this year to learn what I concluded years ago: that the conference is a great place to meet old friends, network and party, but ineffective in addressing the real problems affecting the Latino community of our state.

The recent action of the governor to address the longstanding issue of the lack of Latinos in state jobs by convening a task force was not only a joke, but also insulting.

I have written on this issue for over 20 years. I have clearly documented how the pathway for other ethnic groups to a middle class by being employed in civil service jobs has stopped short when it comes to our Latino community. But, what’s worse is that we have elected officials who either do not know the history, or do not have the capacity to challenge these insults.

The National Institute for Latino Policy circulated the ” NY Gov Cuomo Thinks Latinos “Somos Estupidos” written by Gerson Borrero. I encourage folks to read the article to understand this a bit more.

When I ran for city council I made it quite clear that experience and inclusiveness are major keys to helping our community through these rough and challenging times. Being inclusive would help balance our present leadership, unfortunately, for one the Bronx County organization does not get it.

God help us if this so called Latino leadership does not become a bit more humble and accept the fact that they need to become more inclusive to address the struggling conditions that our community faces today and what is looming for tomorrow. I wrote over 20 years ago that if we don’t change our ability to work together with all sectors of our community we might just change the name of the conference to SOMOS NINGUNOS.

As much as I would have liked to have been there to see some old friends, I realize that I did not miss much in the real sense of politics.