Puerto Rico In WBC – Adam Jones Learn B4 You Speak

I wrote  this piece on Team Puerto Rico not winning the 2017 World Baseball Classic last month, but I tried to explain how they did win the hearts of the millions of Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico and in the Diaspora.

That is the bottom line. However, USA, Baltimore outfielder, Adam Jones and other USA players took exception to the way that the Puerto Rico team was going to be honored in Puerto Rico. Jones stated such in the post game press conference. He stated that he as well as other USA players were bothered upon hearing before the start of yesterday’s game that team Puerto Rico was getting a chartered plane and that they were planning a parade for the team upon return to Puerto Rico. He stated that hearing that bothered him and motivated the USA team to win and keep the Trophy here in the states.

Unfortunately, Jones has no understanding of the Political, colonial status of Puerto Rico, or the culture of the island. He has no idea of how these games united an island nation that is going through the frustrations of one of the worst crisis in their history. He would never understand that Puerto Rico team’s performance was a release valve for an island that needs positive motivation, unity and hope, something that the Puerto Rico team was giving in large doses. That’s why everyone was dying their hair blond, that is why their was a major drop in crime during the Puerto Rico games and the massive outpouring of town folks everywhere to watch the games in public plazas. Sorry Jones that is something that you would never understand. Carlos Correa stated it best: “USA team plays for a trophy, we played for all of Puerto Rico. To us these games are even more important than a World Series game.” That is something that no USA player would ever understand.

Latino Sports congratulates the Puerto Rico team and stand behind your 7-0 record going into the final game, something that no other team accomplished. GO PUERTO RICO!!!