Why I Was Rooting For The Houston Astros

Bronx, NY: Many people were surprised to learn that I was rooting for the Houston Astros from the first games of the post season. The reason were simple. I believed that the Yankees were already winners as no-one expected them to even be a .500 team in 2017 and they baffled all “experts” by beating the Twins and then the surprising defeat of the Cleveland Indians. So in my book, they were already winners without advancing any further in the post season.

However, the Houston Astros had many reasons to win. They needed to win for the people of Houston who suffered a devastating flood from a hurricane and that’s why they were wearing a special patch that read, “HOUSTON STRONG”: on their uniform right over their hearts.

The Astros also needed to win for Puerto Rico, an island that is still suffering from a monstrous hurricane and who desperately needed something positive to cheer. And cheer they had for the Astros a team that has three players and one coach that are Puerto Rican, or have roots in Puerto Rico. Carlos Correa, Carlos Beltran and the World Series MVP, George Springer (great grandparent was from Puerto Rico) and Bench Coach (and new Boston Red Sox manager), Joey Cora were four reasons why so many Puerto Ricans were rooting for the Houston Astros.

Carlos Beltran will family get a world Series ring. Now he can retire in style. (Photo courtesy of Fox)

Another reason that many were rooting for the Astros was, Carlos Beltran, a 20-year veteran who is at the end of a glorious career, but has never won a World Series ring. Carlos has come close with teams like the Cardinals and Mets, but that dream of every player to get a World Series ring has evaded the Puerto Rican veteran. During the Astros on field celebration while every Astros player was screaming with joy after the victory, Carlos was shedding tears. Those who are close to Carlos, or who have been following his career know that those were tears of joy.

The Astros won, but you have to give the Los Angeles Dodgers mucho credit. The Dodgers played a great series and made this 2017 World Series one of the most competitive and exciting series that I have had the pleasure of seeing. My only regret was that because of hurricane Maria I could not cover this year’s World Series, but thanks to the MLB app, At Bat and TV coverage (when available) I was able to watch, or stay connected to every game. I’m glad cause this was one hell of a series that I know I will never forget.