Who Are We?

We are Latinos who have grown up in this city and want to share our experiences with every other Latino who wants information to do something positive for him/herself and our community. Information is power, unfortunately, we in the latino community suffer from adequate sources of information on issues and events that are really affecting our community.
Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute articles and information that can help us discuss relevant themes that are affecting our community and ourselves.

Why? • ¿Por Que?

Because we believe that Latinos can really become a power in this city. We are not impressed with the hype of our numbers. Our growing numbers don’t mean a thing if our numbers are not united in common themes, or issues that can help our communities develop economic, cultural and political empowerment.

Because we need to hold people who serve, or provide for us accountable.

When was the last time we heard a debate in our communities from elected officials? Are our elected officials really responsive to us, or are they into their own world and only come to us when they need to get elected? Do they take us for granted?

Are our teachers really teaching our children? Our our union leaders really looking out for us, or for the leadership of the union?

These are the type of questions and themes that we need to have addressed. This site is our contribution to helping circulate articles of interest for our community.

Please feel free to send us your comments and feedback. We want to continue to make this experiment grow because change needs to come to our communities!

Bienvenidos/Welcome to NYCLatinoPolitics.com