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Details On Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito

Many folks are still wondering, who is Melissa Mark-Viverito? How did she go from a Puerto Rico raised middle class young woman to an El Barrio Councilperson who narrowly won her third term with 35% of the vote in a three way race (her district was redistricted with approximately 50% added to the Bronx), to then become the second most …

Progressive Politics: The New Popular Word in Politics

The word progressive has been heard more in this past mayoral race than any other I can remember. The fact is that after over two decades of republican mayor’s, one with Giuliani who was to the right of the Republican Party did more to divide the city than any other mayor. Then we got Bloomberg (who switched parties) a multi …

Fresh Direct Is Still Not: A Done Deal

Though Fresh Direct recently won a court decision that had all of its supporters doing victory laps, the reality is that this is NOT A DONE DEAL. The following explains additional hurdles that Fresh Direct has to overcome before they can start digging for their now facility in the South Bronx (AKA asthma alley).

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Congressman Serrano’s First Possible Democratic Challenge

For as long as I can remember there has always been talk about challenging representative José Serrano. I have heard this from the left, liberal, central and right wing side of politics. It seemed that every sector has had a reason why they would want to challenge Congressman Serrano has stated such, well at least behind closed doors and never …

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My Reflection On Campaign Finance – It needs some Tweeking.

As promised, would once in a while I want to write some reflections on the past elections that I participated in for city council and on the other positions that were electable in the city. On that note I was looking at some numbers recently for the mayors race and found the following.

​DeBlasio’s Appointment of Carrión Is A Good Sign Of A Progressive Mayor.

The appointment of Gladys Carrión as Commissioner of Children’s Services is a positive appointment by mayor elect, Bill DeBlasio. Her credentials are perfect for the position of being a watchdog for New York’s less vocal, the children of this city. However her credentials are better and much more progressive than it reads on the press release sent out by the …

DeBlasio Appoints A True Progressive and Some

Congratulations to Gladys Carrión for her appointment by mayor elect, Bill DeBlasio as Commissioner at the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS.. My next piece is on this appointment.