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Will Latinos Have The Next Council Speaker?

Now that the major New York City races are over and you thought that everything was quiet in the political front we are being plastered with propaganda for the next important city election, the city council speaker.

One Police Officer Who Has The Heart To Speak Out!

Many of us here in NYC have been organizing against the racial profiling that the NYC Police Department has been doing under the guise of “Stop & Frisk.” Here is the one police officer who was one of the first who dared speak up. Our salute to officer Polanco. We need many more like you. SOURCE:

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Overview of My Recent Election

For those of you who have called and congratulated us on the incredible campaign that we just ran and for those who want to learn more about the campaign, I offer the following piece: SOURCE

A Movement for Change

The city council’s override of the Mayor’s veto of the two police accountability bills known as the Community Safety Act may well mark the start of a new community driven movement for change in the status quo.  The campaign to overturn the City’s discriminatory and unconstitutional stop and frisk policy culminated with the City council passage of the Community Safety …

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Community Safety and Police Accountability

Crime is an issue in our community and the police play an important role when it comes to crime fighting, but for our community to enjoy peace and not just an absence of violence, it must be free both of the fear of crime and fear of the police. The best policing is that which is done in true partnership …

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When A Conversation Turns Into A Movement

I still remember Maxi Rivera and I, two guys approaching their sixties in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico approximately 3 years ago talking about many things and reflecting the lifetime that we have been living in the South Bronx. We were in Puerto Rico for my Son’s wedding and Maxi and I decided to leave a few days earlier to enjoy …

In The Bronx Politics Does Pay

The Bronx has been in the news a lot on the issue of corruption. This is nothing new as stated best in the following quote: “the Bronx has gained a reputation as the red-hot center of political corruption in New York — at least over the last decade” (Riverdale Press  article: Bronx politician made bribery deal at Jake’s By Adam …

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A New Round Of Politicians Arrested For Greed In NY

It seems that greed is so prevalent in New York that just about every few months another politician is being arrested, or indicted for one thing, or the other. As many of you already know, I am a declared candidate and thus could not remain quiet on this latest arrest. I would like to share what I wrote: SOURCE

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Invite To View My Website

As some of you who have been following me for a while might already know, I have declared my candidacy to run for City Council in my home the South Bronx. I would like to invite my faithful readers to please visit my new site and learn a lot more about my campaign.

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South BX Makes History With Or Without Mayoral Candidates.

On Saturday March 9th, 2011 a little bit of history was made in the South Bronx when a Mayoral Candidates forum was held at the Resurrección UMC located on 158th St. and Elton Avenue. This has never been done, or at least in my lifetime living in the South Bronx I have never heard of a forum for the NYC …