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My Thoughts On Ferguson? Expressed Quite Well By A Friends Post On FB

I normally would be writing something on what is presently happening in Ferguson, Missiouri at the heals of the Grand Jury’s decision. However, I am still numb from that decision (not that I was expecting anything different, but I’m an optimist) and I am presently overwhelmed with several of the actions taking place here in our own city and state.

Edward James Olmos: We Need an Open Internet

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 14, 2014 CONTACT: Brian Pacheco, NHMC (213) 718-0732 Legendary Actor Stars in New NHMC Video Urging the FCC to Protect Internet Freedom

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Mandela & Oscar López Rivera

During these past few days right after Nelson Mandela’s passing I have been delighted to see and hear so much about this great South African leader who is the true father of South Africa for being the point person in ending apartheid in that country. I could not help but smile as I thought how all these world leaders were …

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Puerto Rico’s Economic Problems Not Going Away – Let’s Help

Puerto Rico’s economic problems are not going away and just recently the White House sent a team of “advisers” to help the local government manage through this mess. However, no adviser could help unless the entire government accepts to work in unity forgetting party lines and focus on one problem: recovery for the island.Below are some of my Newyorican recommendations:

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Keep Our Post Offices Open

Many of you know that I have been very involved in the struggle to prevent the closing of our Post Offices and especially the closing, downsizing and selling of the Bronx General Post Office located on 149th Street and the Grand Concourse.

50-Year Anniversary of the March on Washington…

On August 28th 2013 we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the great march on Washington. That civil rights activists marched on Washington, D.C. that we all know the now iconic speech “I have a Dream…” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Over the past month many of us have reflected on our progress over the last 50 years. As we …

Zimmerman’s Latino?

Before, during and since the Trayvon Martin trial, the media has been consistent in its description of George Zimmerman as a Hispanic (for me Hispanic is like the outdated term “Negro” so I prefer and will use the term Latino).   That Zimmerman be Latino seems to have been very important for the media as well as many people.  Clearly biologically, …

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The Zimmerman Verdict’s Message

So there was US criminal justice system for everybody to see on TV:  a judge, prosecutors, defense counsel and jury playing out their roles.  They did so with all appropriate seriousness in front of the entire nation during a trial nominally about the homicide of a Black teenager Trayvon Martin, but in reality about race relations in America.  The only …