Statehood, or Independence Only Two Options For Puerto Rico?

I just received this article on Puerto Rican independence that I feel I must share with all of you. As Puerto Ricans we should know that the issue of the status of the island is important not just to the Boricuas on the island, but also to the Puerto Ricans living in the sates. The following article raises some very …

It’s Time For People To Ask Obama: “What’s Up With Cuba?”

“The more we move forward the more backward we become” was an old saying that I  remember hearing often from a shoe shine man in Harlem every time I saw him and asked how were things? He did not have much, but was healthy looking and always had a very positive disposition. I can’t help but think about that statement …

Unions & Latinos

There has been a strong push from many conservative sectors of America to down play the union movement in America. Ever since President Ronald Reagan helped destroy the air traffic controllers union back in the 1980’s the conservative’s in big business have done everything they can to destroy as many unions as possible. I wanted to share the following article …

Hispanos En Los EEUU Mucho Antes Del 1776

Read this and wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you read Spanish, if not get that person that you have been dying to talk to to help translate. HISPANO, ¡DESPIERTA! Muchos puertorriqueños recordarán aquel slogan político de “¡Despierta boricua, defiende lo tuyo!!

Despierta Boricua, Defiende Lo Tuyo!

The Puerto Rican cry for freedom on September 23, 1868 known as El Grito de Lares is hardly mentioned in our schools, or communities. Therefore, I share this will all of you.   Attached is something on the activity that actually takes place in the central town of, Lares, Puerto Rico.

Wanted To Share This Great Poem

When I was in under-graduate school (Lehman) I attended a protest rally in a church on the West Side. A Puerto Rican folk singer, Andres Jimenez sang a song that gave all of us a history lesson about U.S. involvement in Latino America. For years since I have been trying to find this poem. My friend Jocelyn (Chilena) found it, …

30 Years Ago Today: The Day The Middle Class Died

Have to share the following article written by filmmaker, Michael Moore. I think Michael hits the nail on the head. While the Tea Party is making all of these claims with 20% of the voters, we represent the 80% that is not doing anything. Read and share: