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Latina Justice Sotomayor Representing Like No Other

When Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor was going through the grill of the being nominated she received much criticism from conservatives for a statement she had once made speaking to a group of Latina women. They went out for blood because she had alluded that being a Latina women she would have a different perspective on the bench. Pa Que …

No Racist In This Restaurant

Rush Limbaugh was told to leave a Mexican restaurant when the owner recognized the conservative radio talk host who has been known to make racist remarks against the immigrant Latino community. Lo sacaron: READ MORE

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Puerto Rico Is A Homeland To 4.3 Million Boricuas In The States

I just returned from my vacation of spending Navidad in Puerto Rico. As a Puerto Rican born on the island and raised in the states I had never spent the Christmas holidays in Puerto Rico until I was an adult. Those vacations were usually one week, or two weeks. I would leave right after Christmas here and spend New Years …

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A T-Shirt Worn By A Sports Star Can Deliver A Message

“I Just Look Illegal.” That was the message on the shirt worn by San Francisco Giants star relief pitcher, Sergio Romo. Just by wearing this simple shirt, this pitcher of Mexican parents has done more to bring attention to the immigration issue  than any elected official. I want to congratulate Sergio for being a Latino with conciencia that is not …

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Latinos Were The Real Winners Of This Baseball World Series

This World Series though it only lasted four games was one of the most interesting and yes, exciting for Latinos. ¿Porque? Because there has never been this many Latino players in any other World Series. If there are some who still question the growth of our community and our influence on the American culture and scene, read this article. SOURCE …

If America Wants To Succeed – Latinos Have to Succeed.

On Monday June 18th I attended a special forum at MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts titled: The New Demography – Fourth Chapter of American History. The forum comes at the heals of the recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau documenting what many of us already knew, but no-one had made it official, that there were more babies of color born …

Only 11 Puerto Ricans In Major League Baseball?

Last week there was a lot of hoopla over the baseball draft of the #1 pick, Carlos Correa. This young man was the first ever Boricua to have been selected in the first round, first pick. Congratulations to Carlos Correa, that was something to celebrate, another Boricua achievement. However, for those that follow the behind the scene details of baseball …

Census Data Makes It Official: Whites No Longer The Majority Being Born

The Mexicans in the West Call call it: “La Reconquista.” White conservatives call it an invasion. Call it what you want, but the truth is that the latest Census report makes it official, more babies of color were born last year than white babies. And the majority of those babies of color are Latino.