ABC-TV Issue Gave Life To Dormant Community

It is no doubt that our seniors dichos are very wise and correct. “No hay mal que por bien no venga” is one that will continue to resonate with me especially after the ABC-TV protest that we engaged in.

ABC Tiempo Piece

This morning WABC-TV aired the interview with Boricuas For A Positive Image co-founders, Lucky Rivera and Julio Pabón on the controversy that erupted on the comment, “I’m Puerto Rican I would be great at selling drugs.” One of the victories of the continuous protest was a written apology from the network that many people did not believe we would get. …

Ozzie Guillen & The Miami Cubans

I just could not remain quiet to the uproar that I have seen over a comment that the new Miami Marlins manager, Ozzie Guillen said about loving Fidel Castro and giving him praise for being in power for 60 years even though they have tried to kill him so many times.I mean every sports and non-sports station was covering that.

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ABC Apology Letter – What’s Your Response?

The last meeting of the coordinating committee of the Boricuas For A Positive Image was about reading the letter of apology from the ABC network (see letter below)  and formulating a response. One cardinal rule of business is to always respond in writing to anything that you get in writing. As one interesting co-worker once said to me: “The weakest …

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Meeting Of The Minds BFPI & ABC-TV

The long awaited meeting between representatives of Boricuas For A Positive Image (BFPI) and the ABC-TV network finally took place this past Monday March 19th, 2012 at 4 PM. The meeting took place at the offices of the WABC-TV affiliate on 67th Street and Columbus Avenue. There were four representatives from the ABC network, two representatives from the WABC affiliate …

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Mickey Mouse Meets the Pittirre

The pitirre is a very small bird in Puerto Rico that goes after much bigger birds. It is not afraid of any bird and regularly attacks Falcons, or any bird that comes close to its nest. El Pitirre is a symbol of our culture known for being: pequeño y bravo, símbolo de la patria. Our elders would say “todo guaraguao …

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Latinos To ABC-TV “We’re Back”

                March 8 was a beautiful evening. Springlike temperature and it was still light at 5:30pm when over 100 Boricuas, Dominicans, Mexicans, Afro-Americans & Anglos came out to support our protest against ABC-TV.

I’m Puerto Rican & I Don’t Sell Drugs – Chants Return Tonight to ABC-TV

The two week grace period is over and tonight Boricuas For A Positive Image will be back on 66th Street & Columbus Avenue in NYC in front of the local WABC-TV network. We will be there to remind the parent network, ABC-TV and their parent company Disney that: “We are Puerto Rican and we do not sell drugs.”