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The Bronx Contributes To A Progressive Latino Agenda

On Saturday December 5, 2015 the South Bronx was host to yet another historic event of sorts. It was not a Latin concert in el Condado de la Salsa in the borough that has had some of the best salseros perform, or a Hip Hop extravaganza in the borough that gave birth to that genre. It was not a visit …

A Call To All Bronxites

  If you’re a Bronxite and you are concerned with the issues affecting your borough you need to make time and attend this important community forum taking place this Saturday. A few hours of your time can contribute to a lifetime of positive change for a community that has been screaming for change.

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I’m South Bronx Proud!

I was never ashamed to say I was from the South Bronx. I have been bragging about the Bronx for as long as I can remember.  Those of us who have been living in the South Bronx have known, what many are now, finding out. The South Bronx is one of the best places to live in N.Y.C.!

South Bronx Gentrification

The issue of gentrification in the South Bronx has been a hot issue recently. Those of us who live here and have been living here for a long time have been seeing our community changing right before our eyes.

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It seems that people with a lot of money who want to develop areas of the city like the hot real estate in the South Bronx are in total denial of our reality.

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Today At Orchard Beach: Music & Support For Retire 21

Today at Orchard Beach, the Retire 21 Campaign will be on hand during the salsa concert to collect petitions for the retire 21 campaign. The concert is at 1PM with the sounds Nelson Gonzézalez and his All Stars. Dont miss it. Read more: Salsa Concert  

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Sports Executive With A Good Heart & Mind

Baltimore Orioles COO, John Angelos made some very interesting and quite educational comments on the recent riots in Baltimore. It is very rare to hear people at his level speak on issues of the community and the poor. It is for this reason that I share the following article published for all of my followers to read.

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Lack Of Puerto Rican’s In Mayor De Blasio’s Administration

The lack of Puerto Ricans and Latinos in the New York City mayor’s administration continues to come up as an issue. Unfortunately, it seems that no matter what mayor gets into office Latinos are always shortchanged when it comes to appointments and jobs. Perhaps many were expecting more because Latino’s voted overwhelmingly to elect progressive Bill de Blasio mayor.