Planning Board Reform – Its Time Has Come

During my campaign for city council in the South Bronx District 17 I visited several of the Community Planning Boards in the district to get a pulse on the important events, or happenings in the district. Planning boards are an important source of information for anyone who wants to learn about a community.

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When Game Is More Than A Game

For the past 30 years family and friends have been playing a two-hand touch football game that has brought generations together even if for just one day. read this: SOURCE

The Bronx: Always Getting Shafted!

It seems that little attention has ever been paid to how the crime rates in some parts of our Bronx borough were reported. Though this might not be a big issue to some, it is a major issue for the residents of Hunts Point and Longwood who unfortunately pay higher insurance premiums for being depicted as “higher crime areas.” Though …

Bronx GPO Sale Not Done Deal Just Yet!

Congress wants delay in selling of historic post offices until federal report is completed By Anna Hiatt, Updated: Monday, January 20, 6:52 PM NEW YORK — The U.S. Postal Service is facing entrenched resistance to its selling of historic post offices, with lawmakers inserting their call for a moratorium on the sales in the recently passed omnibus spending bill.

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Community Undecided on Soccer Stadium for The South Bronx?

Here we go again. Another big project being proposed for the South Bronx. This one, a Soccer stadium near the present Yankee stadium (also used for other major sports games and events) will make this area of the South Bronx a sports haven for those that only look at the sports and business side. However, the area has a high …

​DeBlasio’s Appointment of Carrión Is A Good Sign Of A Progressive Mayor.

The appointment of Gladys Carrión as Commissioner of Children’s Services is a positive appointment by mayor elect, Bill DeBlasio. Her credentials are perfect for the position of being a watchdog for New York’s less vocal, the children of this city. However her credentials are better and much more progressive than it reads on the press release sent out by the …

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Fighting To Protect Our Post Offices

When we listen to the daily news reports one would hardly know that there is a subtle movement to close many of our Post Offices, yes these public service institutions are being closed, and many of the historic buildings being sold to private developers.  Some might go as far and say that this seems to be part of a bigger …

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Who Really Killed This 14 Yr. Old?

This weekend we heard about another tragedy in my hood. A 14 year old African American youth was shot and killed by a white police officer. My first reaction was thinking about another case of police brutality. However, after reviewing all the facts I believe that this young man was killed by more than a bullet from a cop. he …