No Racist In This Restaurant

Rush Limbaugh was told to leave a Mexican restaurant when the owner recognized the conservative radio talk host who has been known to make racist remarks against the immigrant Latino community. Lo sacaron: READ MORE

America’s destiny linked with Latinos’ success

This week marks the 5th anniversary of the massive action taken by Latinos nationwide on the issue of immigration. Five years ago this week Latinos from across the country, millions took to the streets to demonstrate their anger to the lack of any immigration policy that is fair and respectful to the millions of Latinos in this country.

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statue of liberty united states from Crestock Royalty Free Images Ever since Congress voted down the National Dream Act something that was so ridiculous that it had no logical explanation except that it was stupidity on the part of every Senator & Congressman that voted against it.

Post-Partisan The Dream Act affects more than Latinos

I thought that many should read this article to help us understand the illogical thinking of so many Republicans when it comes to immigration. Also to understand that immigration affects all of us, immigrant, or non-immigrant. The following piece by  Edward Schumacher-Matos Washington Post (December 12, 2010) is offered to you. Thanks to Angelo Falcon and the ILP who is …

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New York Against Racist Arizona Law

Yesterday, the New York State Assembly passed a resolution condemning the recently passed Arizona SB 1070 law that will unfairly impact many Latinos in the state. Also yesterday approximately 50 people were arrested protesting the Arizona law. Below is the remarks of: Jonathan Tasini, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 15th Congressional District in New York, issued the following …

Mexicans To Be Majority of Latino New Yorkers By 2024, Study Predicts

The issue of the Latino migration in New York has quietly changed the Big Apple to the Big Mango. Below is an interesting article that we received from the Institute For Latino Policy that we wanted to share with all our visitors. Enjoy and pass on. By Diego Graglia, FI2W web editor Despite the U.S. Latino population’s diversity and widespread …