White House official’s architectural bills draw scrutiny

The following article appeared in USA Today (March 12, 2009) NEW YORK (AP) — Prosecutors are looking into why the new White House urban affairs director hasn’t paid an architect for house designs made two years ago — the same time he recommended the architect for a lucrative city contract.

Serrano Language to End Cuba Family Travel Restrictions Implemented

New Regulations Issued Immediately Easing Restrictions March 12, 2009 – Washington DC – Today, Congressman José E. Serrano announced that the omnibus language he authored easing travel restrictions on Cuban-Americans’ family visits to Cuba had been implemented. In coming weeks, new agricultural and medical sales travel license guidelines will be issued as his language also directed.

Acting Bx. BP Lives in Bklyn.

What’s up with this? The acting Bronx Borough President is not a Bronxite, but from Brooklyn. Read more: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/05/acting-bronx-president-lives-in-brooklyn/?emc=eta1

Community Memorial & Prayer Service For José “Chegüi” Torres.

El Bronx, NY: José “Chegüi” Torres was known and loved by many sectors of the Puerto Rican community because he was not afraid to mingle with his people in their environment. Chegüi would feel comfortable in all communities and those that were in the streets saw Chegüi on many occasions. That is why the South Bronx community has spontaneously organized …

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Super Bowl – Ben Gay Bowl – 2 Good Games

There were two football games yesterday. The Super Bowl in Tampa and the Ben Gay Bowl in the South Bronx. The Super Bowl gets world publicity, but the Ben Gay Bowl has more family values. Read about the Ben Gay Bowl at www.Latinosports.com

Stella Doro Is Not So “Stella” To Workers

Bronx, NY: The most important labor strike in New York City taking place is at Stella Doro in the Bronx. The new owners, an equity firm, are asking the workers to take a 25% pay cut while giving up all sick days and most vacation days. These are only some of the givebacks sought by the new employers. The workers, …

If Bx. BP Carrión Goes To DC – Who Becomes Bx BP?

If Adolfo Carrión gets appointed to a federal “cabinet” position a quick special election will decide the next “interim” Bronx Borough President. Expected to run are State Senator Ruben Diaz Jr and City Council member Joel Rivera. The campaign will be short and of course the candidates will try to dodge the real questions they must answer. Among those questions …

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Special Message from Ramon J. Jimenez

On February 7, 2009 at Hostos Community College in the South Bronx at 7:00 PM, the life of recently deceased José Chegüi Torres, Former Light heavy weight champion will be celebrated.  We are asking all his friends to spread the word as we have only a few days to organize the activity.  Please contact Ramón J. Jimenez (917-517-1320), Julio Pabón …

Mexicans To Be Majority of Latino New Yorkers By 2024, Study Predicts

The issue of the Latino migration in New York has quietly changed the Big Apple to the Big Mango. Below is an interesting article that we received from the Institute For Latino Policy that we wanted to share with all our visitors. Enjoy and pass on. By Diego Graglia, FI2W web editor Despite the U.S. Latino population’s diversity and widespread …

Review of It’s Only Just Begun by Ivan Sanchez & Luis DJ Discowiz Cedeno

Review of It’s Only Just Begun     by Ivan Sanchez and Luis DJ Discowiz Cedeño Powerhouse Books Dr Mark Naison It’s  Only Just Begun,  by Ivan Sanchez  and Luis Cedeno, is one of the most powerful memoirs I have read in recent years.  Billed as “The Epic Journey of DJ Dicsowiz, Hip Hop’s First Latino DJ,” the book  presents  extraordinarily vivid …