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The guru who started the baseball card craze that I as a young boy enjoyed and entertained myself so much passed on yesterday Sunday. I had to write something because those days where many youths would spend hours “flipping baseball cards” or against a wall where the longest one that landed won all the cards were great moments that kept …

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Puerto Rican’s: The Perfect Human Being?

If that title surprised you, well it also surprised me so I clicked on the link when I saw that in one of my many emails and found an article that explained that heading. It’s interesting reading and also fun as it was also received on the island with a lot of jokes about the present politicians asking: Are these …

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A Law that Needs To Change In New York State

Did you know that New York State is in company with a few really conservative states that permit District Attorney’s to withhold evidence against an accused at time of arraignment? This allows for many innocent people to go to jail, or to plea bargain to lesser charges for something that they did not do. This is an issue that very …

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A Feel Good Event That Benefitted The Community

Last Friday, two South Bronx organizations teamed up for a Puerto Rican Heritage Month event to benefit all parties, but most important to bring some love to the community with a feel good film for all ages. Pregones Theater and Latino Sports, two organizations doing incredible work with both, culture and sports organized the Bronx premiere of the animation film, …

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Another Bronx Issue Pits Community Against Each Other

On Monday several hundred people from all ranks, majority Bronx residents packed a Hostos Community College auditorium to express their opinion at the Empire State Development’s Public Hearing on whether to grant Fresh Direct corporation a $9million dollar grant and $1 million dollar loan for their relocation to the South Bronx.

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Bronx Puerto Rican Community Missing From CNN’s Parts Unknown

My wife and a good friend from Puerto Rico all sat around with me to watch the new episode of CNN’s Anthony Bourdain’s – Parts Unknown on Sunday. This particular piece was going to feature a piece on my home, the Bronx. Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown is one of my favorite programs and I have really learned a lot …

Salsa With Tipica 73 & Roberto Clemente

This coming Sunday Tipica 73, the legendary Salsa orchestra will be performing and the concert is dedicated to the Retire 21 Campaign. Read more and learn how you can join this important movement to retire Roberto Clemente’s #21. Latino Sports and the Bronx Tourism Council invites. Get the details: Latinosports

My Mixed Feelings On The 116th St Festival & PR Parade

I love to party as much as every other Boricua, Especially being a true Salsero, I love my music and every part of our culture. So every year the 116th Street festival in El Barrio is a must for me. The festival being the day before the Puerto Rican Day parade makes that weekend a great one for us to …