Salsa With Tipica 73 & Roberto Clemente

This coming Sunday Tipica 73, the legendary Salsa orchestra will be performing and the concert is dedicated to the Retire 21 Campaign. Read more and learn how you can join this important movement to retire Roberto Clemente’s #21. Latino Sports and the Bronx Tourism Council invites. Get the details: Latinosports

My Mixed Feelings On The 116th St Festival & PR Parade

I love to party as much as every other Boricua, Especially being a true Salsero, I love my music and every part of our culture. So every year the 116th Street festival in El Barrio is a must for me. The festival being the day before the Puerto Rican Day parade makes that weekend a great one for us to …

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Interview with Telemundo on South Bronx History

The Bronx is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The Spanish language news station, Telemundo called me and were interested in interviewing me on my take on the changes I have seen in my borough. I have been living in the borough since my family migrated here in 1956 and they thought that I could give them a better walking tour than …

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Should Baseball Have Spanish Interpreters?

For over 20 years I have stated that baseball needs to have professional Spanish interpreters for Spanish dominant players. Finally, this super star baseball players is saying the same thing. Carlos Beltran speaks very good English, but he is standing uo for the Spanish dominant players that really could use the help.

Fresh Direct Is Still Not: A Done Deal

Though Fresh Direct recently won a court decision that had all of its supporters doing victory laps, the reality is that this is NOT A DONE DEAL. The following explains additional hurdles that Fresh Direct has to overcome before they can start digging for their now facility in the South Bronx (AKA asthma alley).

Planning Board Reform – Its Time Has Come

During my campaign for city council in the South Bronx District 17 I visited several of the Community Planning Boards in the district to get a pulse on the important events, or happenings in the district. Planning boards are an important source of information for anyone who wants to learn about a community.

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When Game Is More Than A Game

For the past 30 years family and friends have been playing a two-hand touch football game that has brought generations together even if for just one day. read this: SOURCE

The Bronx: Always Getting Shafted!

It seems that little attention has ever been paid to how the crime rates in some parts of our Bronx borough were reported. Though this might not be a big issue to some, it is a major issue for the residents of Hunts Point and Longwood who unfortunately pay higher insurance premiums for being depicted as “higher crime areas.” Though …