Sports & Puerto Rico Politics?

I wrote this piece on how the March World Baseball Classic games (the Olympics for baseball, or what the World Cup is for Soccer) brought the entire island of Puerto Rico together. I shared an interview with Bronx born, NY Mets, J.T. Rivera who as a Nuyorican played in the Puerto Rico National Team. Anyway, i think some of you …

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A Bit More on Puerto Rico’s Debt

Puerto Rico is going through a serious debt crisis yet very little is really known about the cause and the real solutions for the island nation. We heard a lot of the the debt crisis in Greece on many corporate news outlets, but unfortunately have heard very little about Puerto Rico.

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Puerto Rican’s: The Perfect Human Being?

If that title surprised you, well it also surprised me so I clicked on the link when I saw that in one of my many emails and found an article that explained that heading. It’s interesting reading and also fun as it was also received on the island with a lot of jokes about the present politicians asking: Are these …

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Puerto Rico’s Economic Problems Not Going Away – Let’s Help

Puerto Rico’s economic problems are not going away and just recently the White House sent a team of “advisers” to help the local government manage through this mess. However, no adviser could help unless the entire government accepts to work in unity forgetting party lines and focus on one problem: recovery for the island.Below are some of my Newyorican recommendations:

The Lessons of Egypt

Egypt is literally thousands of miles from the Bronx and it is so different historically and culturally that you would think that the events recently taking place there have little to do with what’s happening here.  Yet if you take a closer look, you see that the issues behind what is taking place come pretty close to the issues that …

Puerto Rico Needs To Wake Up & Pay Attention To Boricuas On The Mainland

I recently read an article in the NY Times on how Puerto Rico has changed their tax laws to attract the affluent super rich class to move to the island where they will be able to save on a host of new tax incentives. “Move your operations to sunny Puerto Rico and keep most of your profits” is the basic …