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The Statehood Vote In Puerto Rico

While all the political attention was on the Presidential elections here in the good old USA,  Puerto Rico also had elections that were the center of attention for the island nation. With 4.2 million Boricuas here in the mainland I think it is important for us to also know what is going on the island that many of us relate …

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I Don’t Write Obituaries, but I had to Write This One.

Boxing legend, Teófilo Stevenson died Monday in Cuba of an apparent heart attack. Stevenson was 60 years old (too close to home for me), anyway you don’t need to be a boxing fan to know who this man was and why I was so proud to have seen him. I invite you to read and share. Remember, knowledge is power! …

Buena Vista

Though I have usually used this blog to share vital and informative political information that affects our community, today I want to share some music. A close friend just visited Cuba with a health delegation and he sent this video to me. Enjoy, Buena Vista! Cub_music

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A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Is Still A Wolf

The island of Cuban and its revolution has been one of the biggest thorns in the backside of the USA. We all know and have read about the numerous attempts where the CIA and other US government agencies have done everything they can to topple the first liberated territory in the Americas.

It’s Time For People To Ask Obama: “What’s Up With Cuba?”

“The more we move forward the more backward we become” was an old saying that I  remember hearing often from a shoe shine man in Harlem every time I saw him and asked how were things? He did not have much, but was healthy looking and always had a very positive disposition. I can’t help but think about that statement …

Bronx Students & Community Speak Out Against “Human Trafficking.”

It was a a proud day for the members of the South Bronx Community Association (SBCA), an organization made up of homeowners, co-op owners and tenants from the 150th St. & Walton Avenue corridor of the South Bronx. It was also a very proud day for the number of students from the Wings Academy in the Bronx when together with …

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Lessons To Be Learned On How Youth Organized Revolution In Egypt.

Ornate decorative border from Crestock Stock Photos My last blog was on the relationship between the youth of Egypt that catapulted the country into a victorious revolution and the youth of the South Bronx and how many youth here can learn from the Egyptian experience that nothing is impossible. Today, Valentines Day I want to share some Love and an …